Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baida Roti (sort of an egg roll with keema filling)

This recipe is a variant of chicken frankie. The original dish takes mutton/lamb keema, but since I did not have access to either meat, I used chicken keema instead.

For the chicken filling:
I used the recipe from Chicken Frankie to prepare the chicken filling.

For the roti:
Use wheat flour & water to make the dough. Keep aside for atleast 30 mins.

To assemble the Baida roti:
1. Whisk together some eggs with salt and pepper. 1 egg :: 1 Baida roti is good enough number of eggs.
2. Prepare the rotis before hand. Make the rotis bigger than your average chapati so that you have enough room to fold the roti into packets.
3. Place a roti on the tava/frying pan. Put required amount of keema filling in the middle. Now pour a couple of spoonfuls of whisked egg into the roti, along the inner edges. Fold the roti to create a squarish shape.
4. While holding the folded side together, pour or paint some egg onto that side and flip it over to the tava/frying pan side. Drizzle a few drops of oil onto the sides of the tava.
5. Similarly pour or paint some egg onto the other side of the roti packet and flip that over to the tava/frying pan side.
6. When both sides are crisp and covered with eggs, cut through the middle and serve hot with sauce or chutney of your choice.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Chicken Frankie

For the chicken filling:
1. Heat oil in a saute pan and fry ginger, garlic & onions till onions turn golden
2. Add tomatoes and the following spices i.e. haldi(turmeric), chilli, jeera(cumin) , dhania(coriander) and garam masala. Cook till masala gets done i.e. tomatoes loses its moisture and oil starts separating along the sides of the pan.
3. Add chicken keema and salt and let it cook in its own juices. Add water if you absolutely need to. We want a moist filling for the frankie but not a runny one
4. Once the chicken is cooked add amchoor (dry mango powder), fresh coriander leaves, mint leaves and give it a stir. Taste check and set aside.

For the outer Roll you need:
1. Traditionally frankie is made with maida (all purpose flour). But you can use whole wheat if you are health conscious. I use 2 parts of whole wheat flour:: 1 part all purpose flour. Mix flour into a soft dough. Cover and keep aside for atleast 15 mins.
2. Roll out the rotis (tortillas) one at a time and half roast them on a tava. Half cook all your rotis first.
3. Whisk some eggs with salt and pepper. Use slightly lesser eggs than the number of rotis. e.g. for 4 rotis, I use 3 eggs. You can go 1 roti::1 egg, but it becomes too eggy :-)

For the salad stuffing:
thinly sliced onions + thinly cut lettuce + lemon juice + little chilli powder + salt. Add salt right before assembling the frankie.

Now to assemble the frankie:
1. Heat the tawa and apply some oil on it . Pour some whisked egg onto the tava and immediately lightly press a roti onto the cooking egg. The egg will get cooked while getting stuck onto one side of the roti.
2. Remove the egg-coated-roti from the tawa. Place some salad and chicken onto the center of the roti forming a line. Sprinkle some chat masala, kala namak (black salt) and fresh squeezed lemon on the assembled roti. Roll it up into a frankie.

1. Don't overcook chicken as it will become dry and chewy.
2. I use store bought tomato puree instead of better color and texture to the keema.
3. Add salt to the salad stuffing at the very end or else the onions will start oozing water.
4. I assemble my frankie on top of an aluminium foil, so that it rolls up easily and is easy to eat by peeling the foil away. You can even use Parchment/wax paper.